Glazing Photographs Onto Plates 84

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Anybody who wants to image onto a china plate has two choices: getting the picture printed onto the plate or getting it glazed. The printing process is known as sublimation and involves a heatpress, special ink, and a coated plate. The printed image is placed on the flat centre of the plate and pressure is applied by the heated press. It takes about a minute and the finished article doesn't look bad. The problem with printed plates is the image is not permanent and will wear off or fade quite quickly. The glazing process, however, is not nearly as quick as the plate needs to be heated to over 800C which takes most of the day as neither the heating or cooling can be hurried without cracking the china. Glazing takes longer as the plate has to be heated to around 825 degrees C in a kiln. The process is the same as that used to decorate your coffee mugs and dinner plates and the finish is permanent – a big advantage if you want to clearly see the photograph in years to come.} The decision of which seems a no-brainer: glazing. If you are searching for a company that will glaze a photo|photograph} onto a bone china plate this site has good products.

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